New Member Application

How to Join

The Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated offer you the opportunity to join the Association by filling out an online application form. The button to start filling out the form is at the bottom of this page.

Membership Types and Prices

AMRA has three different memberships available to new members.

To avoid having new members being asked to renew their membership almost immediately after they join all new members initially join for a period of between seven and eighteen months. Those who join in March through May will be financial members through to the end of August of the following year after paying their joining fee, reduced fee for the remainder of the current year plus normal membership fee for the following year. Members who join in June through August are given honorary membership to the end of August and pay the joining fee plus the normal membership fee for the following year through to the end of August. Those who join in September through February pay the joining fee plus the normal membership fee for the remainder of the current year through to the end of August. All new senior and student members receive a new member pack which includes lots of information useful for both beginners and to more advanced modellers.

The amount currently payable for AMRA membership through to 31/8/2022 is $50.00 for senior membership, $50.00 for senior + family membership, and $20.00 for student membership - inclusive of applicable joining fees. Our existing members are currently paying $50.00 senior, $50.00 senior + family, or $20.00 student for annual membership to 31/8/22.

Please note that the above rates cover your membership of the Association and includes the initial literature sent to all new members, our club magazine "The Journal" and access to all the resources in the Member's Area of our web site. The membership fees do not include any small "facility fee" that the branches are permitted (but not required) to charge those attending the clubrooms to cover the cost of incidentals such as electricity use and morning/afternoon tea.

Payment Methods

To be able to pay online you can either use your Paypal account or if you do not have one you can pay by credit card. Paypal will give you the opportunity to choose between paying through your own Paypal account or using a credit card once you select to pay online. AMRA will not be provided with this information as Paypal acts as an intermediate party to the financial transaction. Whichever way you pay, the money will be deposited to the AMRA Paypal account.

Filling out the Application

Depending on the membership type that you are applying for the information that we require will differ. All of the information that we require will be collected first. A summary of the collected information will then be displayed so that you can check it before printing the application or paying online. For information about how the information you provide to the Association may be used, please read our Privacy Statement.

Members contact information is published annually in 'Journal'. Please tick the "Not for Publication" box if you do not wish to have your details included in the membership list. Note that this list is only provided to members.

To fill out your AMRA membership application please select the "Start" button below. Once you have filled out the form you will be given the opportunity to choose whether to pay immediately using Paypal/Credit Card or to display and print the form to send through the post with a cheque or money order.

Note that these pages assume that you live in Australia. We are happy to accept membership applications from outside of Australia however to pay by cheque or money order you will have to print out a blank form to fill out by hand or if you wish to pay for using Paypal (or credit card if Paypal permits such payments in your country) you will need to contact the Registrar for instructions on how to proceed.

Note also that this option is for new members who are joining AMRA. Existing members wishing to renew their membership should do so via the Member's Area.